AGENDA BOD MEETING 01.18.2022 6:00 PM AT POOL (click here)




Attention Residents: 

The Jupiter Police Department reminds you to secure your vehicles, gifts and homes this holiday season by following these simple tips:
• Don’t leave gifts and purchases visible in your car.
• Lock ALL of your vehicle’s doors, even while you are fueling.
• Keep doors and windows closes and locked while you are away from home and when you sleep.

Please CALL to report suspicious activity.
911 in an emergency or 561-799-4445 for a non-emergency.


Trash Cans are to be placed out on main street after dark the night before

pick up, and cans are to be removed from street by the next morning. 

Trash and Recycle is Tuesday morning, and Trash only is Friday morning.

GUESTS - Our community is a private HOA community.  

A guest is someone who is visiting your home.

A guest should be accompanied by resident to dock, pool, tennis courts,

and river park area.  People walking in, or driving in, from outside our community,

who are not directly visiting you, are not guests, and are Trespassing! 

This includes dog walkers.

Let’s keep pride in our community and maintenance costs and HOA dues down, by keeping

non-guests from abusing our privileges and common areas.


CONTACT XFINITY 800-934-6489

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